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Role of Dental Providers in Reducing Avoidable ER Visits for Dental Conditions

By UnitedHealthcare Dental

Posted February 8, 2022

Watch a short video message from the Chief Dental Director, UnitedHealthcare Dental  Texas Children’s Medicaid Plan, Dr. Ankit Amin.

Kid at dentistDental Emergency Room (ER) visits in the U.S. cost the health care system around $1.6 billion or $749 per visit as noted by ADA in 2016. The majority (79%) of these patients will be better served by the dental provider as most ER’s are not fully equipped to screen, diagnose, and treat routine non urgent dental conditions. Improved communication among patients and dental providers can substantially mitigate this financial burden on healthcare. Fully informed dental patients can determine the most effective treatment options for improving their oral health in partnership with their dental provider. The dental providers play a direct role in empowering their patients and providing value-based care. Together, we can help patients engage in good dental care practices, avoiding unneeded and expensive emergency room treatment.

Click here to read or download information on Alternative Emergency Room (ER) Treatment.

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