Advancing the Oral Health Movement in Texas (ATOHMIT)

About Us:
The Texas Health Institute (THI) and Texas Oral Health Coalition (TxOHC) are pleased to announce a collaborative initiative to unite Texans and Advance the Oral Health Movement in Texas.

Oral Health is an integral part of overall health and physical well-being

In the spirit of empowerment and transparency, build a data-driven, collaborative movement to achieve systemic improvements in oral health in Texas.


For years, the persistent efforts of countless oral health professionals, administrators, and non-profits, together with millions of dollars of charitable contributions have led to significant improvements in individual oral health outcomes, yet system-wide progress has seemed virtually unobtainable. Key reasons for this include, lack of collaboration resulting in inefficient use of resources, lack of data and its meaningful use to identify needs and measure progress, and limited or no use of models of shared and sustainable resources for systemic improvement.

Research shows that health outcomes for any community are impacted by several social and environmental factors. Strong and sustainable collaborative efforts with a multidimensional approach are necessary to successfully impact policy and improve population health.

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