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Fluoride for Smiles

Texas Oral Health Coalition

Over the last decade, 2.3 million Texans have lost access to fluoridated water. We developed the Texas Fluoridation Campaign to promote positive public health messages about water fluoridation to help ensure people of all ages have access to the most effective, affordable and equitable way to protect teeth from decay.

Funded by the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation and created by a group of public health organizations, our mission is to provide the public and policymakers with evidence-based information and tools they need to promote and protect this important public health strategy.

We have pulled together a wealth of free resources, social media messages, and marketing toolkits to build public support for water fluoridation. Help us spread the word. 

Published Articles

Journal of Public Health Dentistry (JPHD)
Published October 15, 2020
“Social media conversations about community water fluoridation: formative research to guide health communication”
           Wiley top cited article

Journal of the American Dental Association.
Published December 1, 2021
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  • CC by SA 2.0 @hepingting | Flickr

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