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Recorded Webinars


Fill the Gap: Support our Grant for Aging Texans with IDD

This presentation will describe the health care access challenges of aging Texans with IDD, detail the goals of a grant from the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities and invite participants to contribute to a solution.


2022 Texas Oral Health Conference

The Texas Oral Health Conference is a joint educational conference sponsored by leading oral health and dental public health organizations in Texas.

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CATCH Healthy Smiles for oral health promotion in schools for elementary school age children

We will present the development, implementation and evaluation of the CATCH Healthy Smiles oral health promotion program to reduce incidence of dental cariesamong elementary school age children in Texas.


Let’s Prevent Oropharyngeal Cancer

This presentation provides information about HPV, OPC and the HPV vaccine.  We will also explain what a strong recommendation is and how to integrate HPV vaccine conversations into your practice.


Behavioral Healthcare and Geriatric Dentistry

This course outlines common oral health conditions within the geriatric population focusing on practicum, behavioral health, and changes and needed with cognitive decline.

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Texas Recruits & Retains Program

The Texas Recruits & Retains (TRR) program is a HRSA-funded program whose objectives include training and enhancing the dental public health workforce. These dental students were funded through TRR and conducted summer research projects.

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