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Oral Pathology Lecture Series

Texas Oral Health Coalition

Self-Instructional Webinars

This learning series is a product of the Texas Oral Health Coalition’s fall 2021 monthly webinar series with Dr. Paras Patel, DDS.  

Each self-instructional session below is worth a minimum of 1.0 hours of dental continuing education credit. These sessions are meant to view as a series but can be viewed separately as they are offered as standalone courses. As part of the evaluation process, self-instructional courses contain post-training questions so learners may assess their mastery of the material.

Are you a dental student studying for Nationals or a pathology final?  These are great courses to use as a study tool. 
Complete the evaluations for an attendance certificate to test your knowledge.

Attendee comments on Dr. Patel’s Live Courses:

Dr. Paras Patel was an incredible presenter. I appreciate his passion and reminding dental providers of the importance of asking questions and treating the whole person. Looking forward to future presentations.

Dr. Patel’s presentation was really thorough! I enjoyed his style, and his use of visuals was very good.

Great presentation and needed reminders to continually be diligent at keeping a close eye on our patients and oral health changes in tissues!

Join us for a 3 lecture series with Dr. Paras Patel, DDS in the Fall focused on oral pathology and oral cancer.

Paras B. Patel, DDS

Paras B. Patel DDS, is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial pathologist, who obtained his dental degree from Howard University College of Dentistry in 2011. Dr. Patel went on to practice general dentistry for a couple of years in the Lubbock area working on a mobile dental unit with a federally qualified health center. In 2014, he began his residency in oral and maxillofacial pathology at TAMU (Baylor) College of Dentistry. Upon completion of his residency, Dr. Patel took a position at the college of dentistry, and is currently a full-time faculty member in the department of diagnostic sciences. He maintains a clinical practice actively seeing patients who suffer from various oral diseases in the stomatology center at the college of dentistry and is an active surgical pathologist in a busy biopsy service. Dr. Patel’s previous work experience and curiosity have shaped his approach to diagnosis and management of disease.

Dr. Patel’s Bibliography

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Texas Oral Health Coalition
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7/1/2024 to 6/30/2028.
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Technical Specifications

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