Texas Oral Health Coalition


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UT Health ECHO Telementoring Sessions

UTHealth School of Dentistry at Houston Hub of Project ECHO® is partnering with the Texas Oral Health Coalition to provide “free CE credit lectures and consultations” by our specialists. We welcome dental and healthcare providers in all disciplines around the world to join our program and to collaborate.

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Texas Recruits & Retains Program

The Texas Recruits & Retains (TRR) program is a HRSA-funded program whose objectives include training and enhancing the dental public health workforce. These dental students were funded through TRR and conducted summer research projects.

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Health Communication’s Virtual Learning Series

This self-instructional learning series is a product of the Texas Fluoridation Campaign in an effort to provide detailed information on how to create successful health messages to improve health outcomes.


Texas Oral Health Conference

The Texas Oral Health Conference is a joint educational conference sponsored by leading oral health and dental public health organizations in Texas.

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