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TxOHC Blog

Leading efforts to achieve optimal oral health across the lifespan.

Encourage collaboration to foster whole person health, eliminate oral disparities and address health inequalities for all Texans.

The overarching goals of this communication strategy are to increase oral health awareness, improve access to care, encourage interprofessional collaboration and promote evidence-based public health prevention methods.  In addition, our goal is to:

  • Help policymakers understand the challenges associated with access to dental care and the importance of oral health
  • Share important legislative information with the public to maximize engagement and action
  • Dispel myths and share facts
  • Educate the public that oral health is linked to total body health

Please think of this blog as an open-ended conversation where audience members are encouraged to ask questions and post their opinions.  TxOHC retains the right to monitor all posts and delete any that are found abusive, off-topic, or spam.   If you plan to participate on our blog, please review our comment policy to be clear on what will and will not be allowed.

We hope you will find our blog to be a valuable resource and an easy way to stay engaged and informed about oral health issues in Texas.

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