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Texas Oral Health Coalition

TxOHC is comprised of various stakeholders that include:  medical and dental professionals, community agencies, faith-based organizations, insurance companies, policy developers, professional educators, public members, and state and government entities.

Members explore innovative approaches to increase access to care for adults with disabilities, provide learning opportunities for dental and non-dental health professionals, advocate for population-based disease prevention strategies and collaborate with organizational partners on a common vision to achieve optimal health for all Texans.

The only statewide oral health coalition, TxOHC is the primary organization in Texas that provides a nonpartisan forum which allows a diverse network of stakeholders to collaborate and create innovative and viable solutions to improve the oral health for all Texans.

We Are Educators


educated at multi-disciplinary events


taken by members and attendees


virtually curated on our websites

We Are Advocates

Increasing access to care for Texans with disabilities
Facilitating oral health for older adults in Texas
water droplet
Promoting fluoridated drinking water for healthy teeth
Light bulb
Supporting innovative approaches to improve health

We Are Change Agents

Low-income mothers and children helped through Texas Tooth Steps.
Participants and members in our coalition network.
Advocates trained through oral health education workshops.
  • water glass by Philip Glenn from the Noun Project
  • Light Bulb by RROOK from the Noun Project

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