2017 Texas Oral Health Summit

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Creating Total Wellness in Texas

Poster Presentations

2016 Poster Presentations

Our many thanks to all who participated in the poster presentations event during the 2016 Texas Oral Health Summit. We are pleased to recognize the top three 2016 Poster Presentations:

1st Place: Magda de la Torre, RDH, MPH, "Evaluating the Oral Health Status of Hispanic Children in a School-based Prevention Program Previously Enrolled in Head Start"

2nd Place: Faizan Kabani, RDH, MHA, MBA, PhD Candidate, "Special Care for Special Needs: Caring for the Dental Patient with Spina Bifida"

3rd Place: Elaine Vivens, "Oral Health Education for Community Professionals"


Other Poster Presentation Participants

Victoria Patrounova, RDH, MHA and Donna Warren-Morris, RDH, MEd, "E-cigarettes: Harm or Harm Reduction?"

Stephanie Rowan, RN, MSN and Shirley L. Hu, MPH, "HPV Associated Oral Cancer in South Texas"

Ana Neumann, DDS, MPH, PhD and Deborah Franklin, DDS, MA, "Improving Oral Health Literacy: a partnership between the UTHealth School of Dentistry and Community dental clinics"

Christina Murphey, PhD, RN and Sherdeana Owens, DDS, MPA, "Interprofessional Education: Oral Health Education in the Nursing Simulation Lab"

Jennifer K. Romaszewski, BDS, MPH, CPH, CCHP,
Assisted Living Facility Factors Associated with Oral Health Status of Residents"
Annaliese Cothron, MS, "The Dental Public Health Virtual Resource Center A Pilot Test of Application"

Shawna Mendel, RDH, BSDH and Veronica Rodriguez, RDH, BSDH, "Could There Be a Silky Lining to Xerostomia?"
Sherdeana Owens, DDS, MPA, "Texas Perinatal Oral Health Program"
Alfred Martinez, "The Battle for Dental Perfection"

Completed  applications  may  be  returned  electronically  to  TxOHC  by  email  or  fax.     Please  send  to  Beth  Stewart  at b.stewart@txohc.org  or  Fax  432-689-7507  by  October  16,  2016.