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Oral health 2020 goals

February 25, 2016 Roadmap Building Workshop

Oral Health 2020 Presentation

TxOHC is a member of the DentaQuest Foundation’s South/Southeast Regional Oral Health Connection (ROHC) Team. The ROHC team is working with the DentaQuest Foundation to make progress on the Oral Health 2020 goals by building a strong oral health network in the 12-state South/Southeast region:

Vision: Oral health is essential to lifelong health and well-being.

Goal 1: Eradicate dental disease in children

Target: With the closing of disparity gaps, 85% of children reach age 5 without a cavity

Goal 2:   Incorporate oral health into the primary education system

Target: The 10 largest school districts have incorporated oral health into their systems

Goal 3:   Include an adult dental benefit in publicly funded health coverage

Target: At least 30 states have an extensive Medicaid adult dental benefit
Target: Medicare includes an extensive dental benefit

Goal 4:  Build a comprehensive national oral health measurement system

Target: A national and state-based oral health measurement system is in place

Goal 5:  Integrate oral health into person-centered healthcare

Target: Oral health is integrated into at least 50% of emerging person-centered care models

Goal 6:  Improve the public perception of the value of oral health to overall health

Target: Oral health is increasingly included in heath dialogue and public policy

National Oral Health Connection (NOHCT) and Regional Oral Health Connection (ROHC) Teams 2016 Kickoff February 9, 2016 to February 11, 2016 Tampa, Florida

Below you will find a streaming link for each of the DentaQuest's six targets, presented in lifespan format. Our hope is to offer these recordings as a learning tool so that stakeholders may get a sense of where the targets currently are, what work is occurring to move them forward, and what we still need to add to the network to realize the Oral Health 2020 Vision and Goals. Please click on the target title to view the streaming link for each webinar.

To learn more about Oral Health 2020, visit DentaQuest’s website dentaquestfoundation.org/oh2020 or email Beth Stewart.