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2017 Annual Texas Oral Health Summit


Save the Date for November 9-11, 2017
Omni Colonnade Hotel, San Antonio

2016 Speaker Susan Maples

TxOHC is pleased to host the annual oral health summit, the only non-partisan interprofessional oral health conference in Texas. The Texas Oral Health Summit program provides public oral health education, dental CEs, networking opportunities for attendees and exhibitors and opportunities for professional health providers, educators, students, or anyone that would like to present information on their oral health program, project or research.

If you missed the 2016 Texas Oral Health Summit, visit Past Summits toview a brief video montage of the highlights.

How will you be participating?

As an (Please choose any of the bulleted activities listed)

Health Provider(s)


Policy Maker


2-16 Exhibitor and Attendee
  • Attend the Oral Health Summit for your own edification and bring a friend
  • Learn more about oral health to share with friends and family
  • Improve you and your family’s oral health
  • Choose a TxOHC program to participate in at your community level

Testimony, Stories and Sound Bites From Program Participants

2016 Texas Oral Health Summit Attendees Say:

  • “Excellent program with interesting speakers. The venue was good. I liked having the food in the vendor area and being able to move from vendor to program easily.”

  • “I really enjoyed the speakers, especially Dr. Maples. Very high quality with great information. I appreciated the healthy food options.”

  • “Great Conference”

  • “Excellent presentations, presenters were extremely knowledgeable about the topics.” “Dr. Maples was superb. A charming mix of Tony Robbins and Suze Orman.”

  • “Edie Gibson's presentation underscored with her sincere desire to make a positive difference challenged me to be more responsive to substance abusers.”

  • “Another great speaker. You never disappoint.”

  • “Loved this. I have changed some of my own habits and shared a lot of information with other faculty. I really liked Dr. Maples!

  • “What an eye-opener! I was not even aware of some of these drugs that are on the streets now. Being aware of addictions of all types is necessary now days and being able to recognize and discuss it with patients is extremely important for their health and well-being.”

  • “What great poster presentations this year. They were all very informative and many programs or projects look to be worth replicating.”

TxOHC Sponsors Say About the 2016 Texas Oral Health Summit:

  • “At the "Annual TXOHC Summit", its executives, members, and partners create an atmosphere of shared excellence in education, care for the patients, and access for the underserved populations. The relationships and friendship the meeting format supports makes it a unique opportunity for all.”

  • “It was great! Great learning day for everyone.”