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Welcome...the Texas Oral Health Coalition (TxOHC) invites you to join us in support of oral health in Texas.  TxOHC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501 (c) (3) state level oral health coalition that was formed in November, 2004.  Members work collaboratively as an active organization that advocates for improved access to oral health services in Texas. The purpose of the coalition is to promote oral health across the lifespan by advocating for optimal oral health for all Texans through statewide partnerships.

Collaborating partners share a common vision and TxOHC member’s work together to increase the public’s awareness of oral health as a vital component of total health. The coalition is comprised of various stakeholders that include: medical and dental related professionals, community agencies, faith-based organizations, insurance companies, policy developers, professional educators, public members, and state and government entities.

TxOHC has an organizational structure which includes: elected officers, bylaws, mission and vision statements, committees, partnering agencies, and a collaborative state oral health plan. The coalition also hosts an oral health summit annually.  Please see "Programs" on the Home page for more information about the upcoming Oral Health Summit. 

If you, or your organization, share our mission and can envision Texas as a state where every person is known to enjoy optimal oral health as part of his/her total well-being through individual and shared community responsibility where:
  • Education and prevention are priorities
  • Education, prevention and treatment are available, accessible, affordable, timely, and culturally appropriate
  • Community solutions are shared among patients, parents, providers, employers, insurers, and government, and
  • Collaboration with government, higher education, public and private sector ensures resources, supportive public policy, quality care, advocacy, and patient education. 

Then we would like to invite you to apply for membership and partner with our coalition.  TxOHC is currently seeking organizations, or entities to strengthen our coalition’s membership framework.  As a nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition, it is important that we are well balanced with representation from many diverse healthcare professions in the public and private sectors.  
Midwest Dental Equipment & Supply proposed a special collaborative stakeholder initiative for our members at the 2015 Texas Oral Health Summit. 

As part of the Collaborative Stakeholder Initiative between TxOHC and Midwest Dental, TxOHC members receive substantial price discounts on merchandise, capital equipment and laboratory services, a reduced service rate of $140 per hour and opportunities for a free quarterly service call and equipment maintenance training sessions.  For each merchandise or equipment order placed with Midwest Dental in excess of $500, your name will be added to a drawing for a free TPC Portable Unit.

Midwest Dental has generously pledged another TPC Portable Unit to give away during the 2017 Texas Oral Health Summit, so if you, or your organization are not a member, please join today and take advantage of these cost savings. 

If you would like to take advantage of this cost savings opportunity:

  1. Join TxOHC as an individual member or organizational partner 
  2. Call or email Tammy Campbell, (940)687-7131 (or Lauri Cooper) to set up an account and reference you are a member of TXOHC.

Please read more about this exciting new proposal and invite your friends and colleagues to join TxOHC today, so they too may take advantage of these costs savings for their own practice(s).

To apply for organization/group or individual membership please complete an individual or organization partner membership application online and submit the form after completion.

Currently, there are no members’ dues required, but as a nonprofit, donations are always welcomed and appreciated.  Tax acknowledgment letters will be sent to donors regarding your contribution for your records. Please contact coalition coordinator Beth Stewart if you should have any questions or need assistance.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Corporate Sponsors are welcomed to pay via credit card using the PayPal Donate button as well.  Just type in the amount of your chosen level of sponsorship on PayPal then fax the signed Sponsor Prospectus agreement to the TxOHC Director. Fax 432-689-7507. 

We want to encourage your participation in the coalition and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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