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Mission 80/20

TxOHC Oral Health Program for Older Adults and Individuals With Disabilities

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The mission of this program is to provide oral health education and increase access to care for older adults and individuals with disabilities, so that every person has the opportunity to reach 80 years of age with 20 of their natural teeth.
Mission 80/20 has several key components:

  • Promote and support TMF Health Quality Institute's Smile Proud project to provide free onsite, online and video education, knowledge, skills and oral care support to nursing home staff and residents.
  • Develop oral health education videos/materials
  • Support adult oral health data collection by participating in our online survey
  • Advocate for cost benefits analysis for preventive oral health care for older adults and individuals with disabilities. This analysis would show potential cost savings for averted disease through preventive services( 85th Legislature passed SB1 that includes this cost benefit analysis) (Issue Brief)
  • Support adult Medicaid dental benefits
  • Support adult dental benefits in Medicare

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